Advisories & Guidelines

COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

COVID-19 The Protocol Book

MoHFW (GOI) - Summary of Guidelines COVID-19

MoHFW - CLINICAL MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL: COVID-19 (13 June 2020, version 3)

SOP on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in offices

WHO - Clinical Care for Severe Acute Respiratory Infection: Toolkit

MoHFW - Revised guidelines for Dialysis of COVID-19 Patients

Guidelines for Handling, Treatment and Disposal of Waste Generated during Treatment/Diagnosis/ Quarantine of COVID-19 Patients 

ICMR/NCDIR - Guidelines to record ICD -10 codes for COVID-19 deaths


Strategy for COVID19 testing in India (Version 5, dated 18/05/2020)

Strategy for COVID19 testing in India (Version 4, dated 09/04/2020)

Govt. of India - Guidelines on Clinical Management of COVID – 19 (30 March 2020)

MoHFW - Swachhta Guidelines

ICMR - Advisory on the use of hydroxy-chloroquine as prophylaxis for SARS-COV-2 infection

WHO - Rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

MoHFW - Guidelines on rational use of Personal Protective Equipment

Evidence Summary Clinical Management of COVID-19 

Massachusetts General Hospital COVID-19 Treatment Guidance

US CDC - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Hospital Preparedness Assessment Tool

Institute of Medicine & Law - Legal Advisory On COVID-19 Pandemic 

Bronchoscopy International - Masks & Respirators

Bronchoscopy International - N95 Respirator

Bronchoscopy International - Respirator Lifespan

International Pulmonologist’s Consensus On COVID-19